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Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises : Top 10

by Sam Rose
Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises can be hard but not if you start to work out just when the signs start. It is easy to bring your body in shape at the start of weight-gaining because after sometime, the weight will go stubborn and even hard workouts would show very little results. Therefore, you will have to start early with if you want to get results with some easy Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises. However, if you have went a long way with your untoned and bulky body and now wants to reshape it, don’t lose hope. Remember, it is never too late than making it more-late while being tensed. If you would start now, though it will take more time and more effort, still there will come a time where you will be successful in toning your body.

Moreover, I would also like to add here that we all have wrong concept about workout. We think that only chubby bodies need it. This is wrong! Workout is not just to lose weight or reshape your body but also to maintain a good figure and living a healthy life. Out lifestyle these days is less active than the past because from day to night we often remain stick to our chairs while working and stick to the beds once we come back. Our body has energy to consume but when we remain unable to remain active, this energy is not used and later result as a gain in body weight. Therefore, we will have to extract some chunks from our time in order to consume this energy and keep ourselves healthy.


What happens when you adopt an active and healthy living? Well, you get enormous benefits for body and brain by doing so.

Benefits of Doing Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises and Workout Daily:

What are the benefits you get by Doing Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises and Workout Daily is given as below:

1.   Control Over Your Weight Gain or Lose:

You get grip over your weight. Your weight comes in your hand and you can maintain in a better way. You would see, where others are worried and confused from their weight-gain and cannot figure out where it is coming from, you will remain completely aware of the things to do and avoid when you have a healthy lifestyle added by daily workout.

2.   Recovery form Basic Ailments with Efficient Immune System:

You will be able to fight against the various health issues and problems because a healthy body has powerful immune system that helps to combat simple ailments. Your body won’t lose energy in case of suffering from basic ailments.

3.   Fight against Serious and Chronic Issues and Ailments:

Along with basic and common issues, a regular workout and healthy lifestyle will also help you against chronic diseases and body issues including brain issues like anxiety and depression, syndromes such as metabolic syndrome and mosaic down syndrome, diabetes, blood pressure, eruption of cancerous cells, arthritis, and falls etc.

4.   You Are Better at Moods and Feel Happier:

Healthy living and regular workouts make help in keeping you happy. The excessive energy that remains in body ends up in negative thoughts. However, when you consume it by your active living, you feel that your mood is getting better. You will remain happy and more open towards others as well as better at accepting who you really are.

5.   Your Energy Levels are Boosted yet You Perform Physical Tasks Better:

Exercise and activities will add up to your level of energy. Things that used to make you tired after sometime will no longer hurt your body because now stamina of your body is enhanced. You can perform physical tasks in much better way. You don’t feel tired even after hard workouts and remain ready to do more with your life.

6.   Sound Sleep with No Bad Dreams or Nightmares:

People suffering from sleep apnea can curtail this situation because healthy and active living promotes sound sleep. You will not only be able to get faster sleep but it will be proper too and no bad dreams or bad thoughts would disturb it anymore. This is because bad dreams and thoughts are associated with unconsumed energy of that stays in your body to due being not much active.

7.   Your Pessimism Will Be Curtailed Yet You Will Find It Easy to Be Around Others:

Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises helps in socializing because you get another circle of friends that you really meet in parks while jogging or workout. Your body will be maintained in a better and you will feel more confident and enchanting while meeting others. Your confidence level will not only improve your social skills but will also help you in giving your stance when it is necessary.

Now, here a question occurs that how to adopt a healthy living and do Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises and Workout Daily. Don’t worry because answer is simple.

  1. You don’t need to buy heavy equipment and tools.
  2. You don’t need to join a gym either.
  3. No need to hire a professional trainer.
  4. You don’t need to spend hours in exercise.
  5. Only half hour from your day, and you are done!

When it comes to Doing Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises and Workout Daily, it is not necessary that you join a gym. Gym is not necessary when you know right moves to tone your body up. The moves I am presenting you here require no exercise equipment or exercise platforms. You can do this at home without a tension and these will help in bettering your strength and toning your physique.

These are top best and tested 10 Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

1.   Mountain Climber Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises Tone Your Body:

If you are novice to the life of healthy people and doing workout for the first time, you may find this exercise alien however it is simple.

To do this exercise, you don’t need a trainer or a helper. All you have to do is lay on your belly on the floor and then pick it up with help of your hands and tip toes. It means all the weight of your body would be on your palms and toes. Now, move your legs and bring knees to chest simultaneously like you are running. Do 40 reps each in two sessions.

2.   Tri-cep Pushups Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

With the name of this exercise would have got a good idea that what you will have to do here. However, let me explain that you don’t need instructors and gym equipment to do this exercise as well. All you need is ten minutes of time and you will be done.

To do this tri-cep pushup exercise, you have to lay on belly while your weight would be on your palms and toes same like you did before. Here, you would push your body down up and down simultaneously for 20 times for each two sessions. Make sure that your elbows remain straight back instead of flared out like you do in the common pushup exercise. This exercise will help in toning your upper body in a better way.


3.   Squats and Jumping Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

One is squat and the other one is jumping. For novice exercisers let me explain that in squats we open our legs open enough and then try to act like sitting on chair and do sit and stands. Remember, it is not exactly sitting on chair but just act.

To do this exercise, you don’t need any gym equipment however you may need a helper that would help you in making a squat position, however, you can do it alone too. Now go in squat position and then try to rise and instead of standing you would jump. Repeat it for 20, 20 times in two sessions.

4.   Superman Banana Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

Sound funny? Well, though it does however the exercise is a great help in making your abdomen flat and get defined upper body.

To do this exercise, you will have to lay down on a flat surface, better it is floor, with your arms and legs stretched. Now, try to raise your legs and arms at once like a superman would do while flying. Now, roll them on the both sides in crunching position like when your arms would be on right, legs would be on left and vice versa. Repeat for 20 times on each side in two sessions.

5.   Elbow Planks Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

It is the most common exercise and it adds up a lot to your body. From shaping your abdomen to strengthening your legs and toning your upper body, planks do everything. This is the reason when you go to a gym, your instructor teaches you to do planks for sure.

To do this exercise, you have to lay on your frontward on a mat, with your body weight on your elbows and tips of your toes. You will have to raise one leg up, as up as you can, bring it down and do the same with other leg. Do this exercise for both legs simultaneously and make 40 repetitions in two sessions each.

6.   Burpees Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

This exercise is to build your stamina and help you in a good shaped body as well as adding up to your energy. You will feel more energetic by performing it on regular basis. You need to be a little careful while doing this exercise in order to avoid any injury.

To do this exercise, you will have to jump like frogs but every time you rise, you will have to make your arms raised in the air and then bring them down when you sit again. You will have to make 20 reps of this exercise in two parts.

7.   Lunges Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

It is a common exercise too for a well-toned body. Many trainers suggest that lunges and squats together make a good workout plan and you don’t need anything else.

To do lunges, you will have to sit on your one knee while hands in hands in front of your face and elbows bent. You will simultaneously change knee while walking past. You will have to make to and fro two sessions with pauses between each.

8.   Kickbacks Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

Kickbacks as the name denotes require you to kick. This exercise is also for a toned belly and a well-shaped booty. You don’t need any gym equipment but a proper place in which you can easily lay and stretch legs and arms.  It helps in making your abdomen and shoulders strong.

To do this exercise, you will have to bend down with weight on your both knees and palms. Now try to kick back with your legs one by one and make twenty reps with each leg in two parts.

9.   Bridge Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

This exercise is dedicated to the girls looking for a more defined and sexier shoulders. In this exercise, I have combined two moves together. Your belly will be up in air every time you will come up.

To do this exercise, you will have to lay on a mat with knees bend. Now, try to bring your body up with weight on your shoulders and feet. Try to remain in this position for sometimes and then lay back. Try to do this 20 times in 10, 10 sessions each.

10. Spinal Balance Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises to Tone Your Body:

It is the same exercise and bridges just something is added. Once again, you don’t need any person or tool to do this move however you would need a flat carpet or cloth so that your clothes won’t get dirty.

As it is same as bridges so bring your body in the same position and do this exercise, you will not only pick your leg up but arm as well. Repeat this position with both your legs with twenty reps each.

Bottom Line:

At start you may find these Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises and this lifestyle hard however after a week, you will feel like a new energy in infused in you. However, make sure to take proper diet and with this workout plan.

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