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Easy Belly Fat Workout Top Five

by Sam Rose
Easy Belly Fat Workout

Top 5 Easy belly fat workout. Different people have a different kinds of problem related to their physic. Some people might have the whole chubby structure while some contain fat only on their belly. In all of these cases, it is only the way to get rid of this additional fat is workout. People are in search of easy belly fat workout

Since there are lots of exercises that people can perform to lose weight. But some of the people don’t really figure out which one will be the best exercise among all. They might start practicing any of the exercises. That can offer any different kinds of results instead of their expectations. In this case, they will not get any better results. Because the thing that they needed, was not fulfilled even after working hard.


Best easy belly fat workout

So, here we are going to tell you about the top 5 easy belly fat workout. That you can perform in order to reduce all the additional fat from your belly.

1.   Lunge Twist

Lunge twist is one of the top 5 easy belly fat workout that you can perform easily at home. It is not much hard exercise to perform, but it offers lots of benefits to human body.

To playout this move, all you just have to stand straight, which will be your starting position. Then you have to take your one foot almost two steps forward keeping the other foot at the same place. In this way, your moving leg will bend in a way that its upper part will make a 90-degree angle with your body. And the front thumbs of your back foot will bend a little. After that, get back to the previous position and then practice the same move with the other leg. Keep repeating this whole activity for 15 times into 3 reps. In this way, you will feel the force on your belly and after some days. You will find an incredible result in your belly size.

This exercise seems to be simple and not-effective but if you do so as experts recommend. Then you will feel that your belly has gotten a lot of force. Because of that thing, you might feel a slight bit pain over there. But don’t worry, it will be gone after few minutes.

2.   Crunches

Another one of the easy belly fat workout that you can also practice at your home is crunches. They are highly being adopted by a majority of general population. According to different fitness experts, crunches are one of the best exercises. To lose belly fat and offer you slim and smart body structure.

While practicing this exercise is quite simple to learn. You just have to lie down on the ground on your back and bend your knees a little. By putting the sole of your feet towards the ground. Make sure that the feet are perfectly place on the ground. So that you don’t your body itself ruins the experience.

So, when you lie down on the ground and your knees are bent a little. Then you have to take both hand at the back of your neck and then pull yourself up a little. You must have to lift your body in such a way that it makes almost 45-degree angle with the ground. Then again get your body to the starting position. You again have to do the same thing and keep repeating it for 15 times. In one rep and you have to practice each rap 3 times only. After completing each rap, you must have to take rest for 15 seconds almost. In this case, you will get a lot of pressure and force on your belly. Which will be highly incredible to effectively lose your belly fat easily.

3.   Mountain Climber

Another one of the easy belly fat workout is a mountain climber. Similar to other easy belly fat workout, this exercise also offers great results by reducing a great amount of fat from your belly. It proves quite effective that a great majority of general population practice it and they get highly effective results. Additionally, this workout not only offers benefits of losing belly fat but it also offers lots of other physical benefits.

So, to playout this move, all you just have to lie down by facing your stomach towards the ground. At the same time, keep your palms on the ground and also your toes in the same way, so that you can get better support during the exercise.

When you are done with your starting position, then start moving your legs like you are running. Move both of the legs one after another as much as high you can. You have to move them by keeping your position still like you don’t have to pick your hands up and then perform all this exercise. Keep practicing it for almost 20 or 30 seconds, then take a 30 seconds break, again start doing it in the same way. You have to do so 2 times this practice in a day.

4.   Planks

Planks are another one of the easy belly fat workout. It is quite an easy but effective workout as compared to others. To playout this move, all you just have to lift your body up by placing your wrists on the floor. Make sure to put your body weight on your toes and stay in the same position for as much as time you can.

5.   Wall Sit

Wall sit is one of the most effective belly fat workout that you can perform at any place you want. To perform this exercise, all you just have to set your back to the wall by making 90-degree angle with your legs and stay in the same position for as much as time you can. In this way, you will not only get the fat-free belly but also improve your stamina and vitality.


Well, above has described the top 5 easy belly fat workout that you can perform in your home. Consider all of them and make sure to have a fat-free belly within days.

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