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How to Get a Bigger Butt

by Sam Rose
How to Get a Bigger Butt

A complete guide on how to get a bigger butt

Looking good is everyone’s aim these days. Long gone are the days when strength used to be a measure of a person’s strength. In today’s age of peace, and harmony, focusing on oneself has become the better goal. People are searching for many ways to overcome their personal weaknesses and become more perfect. For most women, its searching for ways on how to get a bigger butt.

If you are looking to get a bigger butt, we have crafted the ultimate guide that will help you on every step. This guide will not beat around the bush, rather, it will focus on getting the job done. Moreover, this guide will also explain the several side-effects of each method.
Without further ado, let us begin:


Reasons to get a bigger butt

There are many reasons that people would want to get a bigger butt. Some people just want to look good as well as be able to flaunt the fact that they look attractive, while some people just want a bigger butt for medical reasons.
If we were to see the history behind people wanting to get a bigger, we would find hip hop music. Apparently female singers became famous around the 80’s, and coincidentally, almost all of them had big butts.

Here are some reasons why and how to get a bigger butt:

  1. Big butts look attractive. A lot of men prefer women with bigger butts as compared to women with a slender body.
  2. Helps your spine stay curved, and help alleviate pressure on the spine.
  3. Protects your lower back from getting hurt.
  4. Helps with pregnancy, as getting pregnant makes a woman lose her center of gravity. Bigger butts help counter that.
  5. According to one research, bigger butts are like a drug to the male gender.
  6. Healthier cholesterol levels, as well as lower risk of passing similar diseases down the line.
  7. Lower risk of developing Type-2 diabetes, unlike what most people assume.
  8. Act as the best cushion no matter where you sit!

How to get a bigger butt

Before we begin, you should realize that there is no easy way on how to get a bigger butt. Whatever method you choose, you will have to sacrifice either time, money or effort. However, you will be glad to know that all the methods that are mentioned in this guide do work.

Here are some ways on how to grow a bigger butt:


Seriously, no physique-related guide can begin without mentioning exercise. One of the most effective and safest ways to grow a bigger butt is through exercise. There are many exercises that are available out in the wild to help you grow a bigger butt.

Here are some of these exercises:

Squat & variants

One of the best ways on how to get a bigger butt is to try doing the squats. We all do squats every day, one way or the other. Whether it be sitting on a chair, or trying to pick up something from the ground, we do try to stretch our glutens. This exercise is called squatting.
There are many variants available in squatting. If you are new to the gym, try going over normal squats over the course of one month. After you think this exercise is becoming easier to do, you can mix in a dumb-bell.
Some of the most popular squats are dumb-bell squats, squat presses, Bulgarian squats, back squats, sumo squats, and so on.

Glute bridges

Another popular exercise that is recommended in every gym is the glute bridges. Glute bridges, like the name suggests, is an exercise that focuses on the glutens.
Of course, you can combine dumb-bells with glute bridges too, after you think that normal glute bridges aren’t enough for your butt growth.


If you are looking for how to get a bigger butt, it’s better to always stay protected. No one in this cruel world is safe, and a little kickboxing can help you defend yourself.
Kickboxing is a great way to increase both strength and gain some muscle for your butt. Of course, there are many variants of kickboxing. You can either join a gym and learn kickboxing, or join a dojo. Plus, these exercises are relatively safer than the other exercises on this list.


Most men believe that women shouldn’t be deadlifting because it is a “manly” exercise. Of course, you have to prove them wrong, and this is the best way.
Deadlifts are dangerous exercises, and if not done properly, can harm your hamstring and spine. Be sure to get help from your trainer before starting. Once you have mastered the form on no weight, be sure to add more weight as time goes on. If you think that a simple deadlift is getting boring, you can always do one-legged deadlifts. They are an absolute killer for your glutens.

Hip extension

Hip extension is one of those compound exercises that should be in your exercise routine every week. It helps you hit different muscles at once. Additionally, you can always add weight in this exercise & make it a more challenging exercise for you.

Donkey kick

One of the best ways to grow your muscles out is to target them individually. Moreover, this means that you can make exercises easier for you too. To do this, the best way is to target each leg at a time. Donkey kick is exactly like you would imagine it. Just lay down on the ground like you would in a plank. And then try lifting one leg up in the air. Imagine you’re kicking something that is like 3 feet above you.

Oh, and this exercise is fun too. You can try it with your friends and family too. It is safe.

Focusing on your diet

Just exercise isn’t going to help you gain a bigger butt. You need to eat proper food so that there can be something to pump all those muscles up, and make it look attractive. Here is a complete diet plan to make you learn how to get a bigger butt:


Salmon is one of the most common fishes available in the US. Of course, trout is also a great alternative, but Salmon is filled with 22 grams of high-quality protein in a 4-ounce serving. Additionally, Salmon is rich with omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids support rapid muscle growth, and make you feel healthier.
There are many ways to cook Salmon, so you don’t get bored too.


Peanuts, peas and lentils are more generally known as legumes. These small foods are very high in protein, and very easy to eat. One cup of cooked lentils can provide you with around 17 grams of protein!
Mix some legumes up in your normal diet, and you will be able to see a better butt growth in no time.



Who doesn’t love avocados? They are green, they are tasty, and they are healthy! Avocados are high in antioxidants and potassium. Antioxidants help your body muscle recover faster, and reduce pain. Potassium is very important for muscle growth. Fun fact, potassium is the reason why so many body-builders eat bananas.

Dairy products

Of course, if your only aim is to get a bigger butt, there can be a little fat involved, right? If this is the case, then dairy products are your go-to solution. There are a lot of dairy products and they are easily available. For example, milk. Milk is available almost everywhere. Eggs are also available and they are high in protein.
You can even mix eggs and milk with some other ingredients, and make for a really strong protein shake.


We do realize that yogurt is a dairy product, but it is so important that it had to have its own mention. There are so many variants of yogurt, and as long as you are not lactose-intolerant, we recommend you try yogurt.
If you want to grow muscle without growing too much fat, we recommend Greek yogurt. It is much more potent, and can be made from normal yogurt.


Nothing can help you add meat more than meat itself. Think of it like your body fusing with another muscle, by eating. Of course, if you are vegan, this choice will not make sense to you. But meat is widely available, and there are a million different ways to cook it. Add it on top of pizza, and you will have both meat, cheese, and mushrooms in a single serving.
One of the healthiest parts of meat are breasts. They are easy to eat, and contain a lot of protein, so be sure to order breasts the next time. You will definitely see growth in a few months’ lifespan.


If lentils are not up-to your mark, you can always try almonds. In the East, Almonds are linked to a better memory. We do not know if that is true, but they do offer a lot of protein & potassium. You can eat almonds as it is, or you can make almond milk. Some people even make almond oil to apply on their skin.
Oh, and if you are feeling a little brave, why not try adding almonds on pizza?


One would think that just adding a little bit of protein in your diet would enough to make your butt grow bigger. But it isn’t. Sometimes, you have to add supplements into your diet too. Multi-vitamins as supplements are a good way to gain muscle.
There are many different types of supplements available in the market, some being better than the others.

Changing your wardrobe

There are special clothes available in the market that help you show the illusion that you have a bigger butt. Of course, all of these illusions don’t last long. But if you want to get a bigger butt instantly, nothing would beat changing your wardrobe. You do not need to make any effort at all too.

Wear tighter pants

Anything would look big enough if you were wearing something of a smaller size. This is the case with your glutens too. If you wear tighter pants, your butt would look bigger than they already are. Plus, sometimes you can find tighter pants for cheap.

Wear a girdle

Girdles are clothes that can be worn under your normal clothes, and can help you look plumper. Besides that, girdles also help shrink your tummy, so it’s a double win.

Girdles are also very easy to buy. You can find them in any stores, or you can buy them online. Plus, no one will find your secret if its hidden beneath your clothes, right?

Butt-lifting underpants

There are special butt-lifting underpants that you can try on. These are widely available. Because they are concealed, no one will know you are wearing one. Plus, you can combine them with the other items on this list. But beware, adding too much stuff can get uncomfortable really fast.

Getting a surgery

If all else fails, and you think you can take the risk & spend enough money, go for surgery. With the increase in the quality of modern medicine, and procedures, surgery has become approachable. You can easily get a surgery for your butt and increase its size. However, we do not recommend this technique because it is still unsafe.
There is always a risk whenever surgery is involved, no matter how small. Getting a surgery is also very expensive, and more often than not, requires maintenance.
Many celebrities have actually gotten a surgery for their butts. This means that it is actually a viable option, no matter how absurd.
If you do consider surgery, be sure to consider the time and cost of the maintenance too. And most of the times, you can’t go back after getting the surgery.

Conclusion on how to get a bigger butt

We have shown you all the different ways on how to get a bigger butt. If you still do not understand anything, you can always come back to this guide, and check anything that you might have missed.

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