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How to Lose Belly Fat the Right Way

by Sam Rose
How to Lose Belly Fat

Exercises that can help lose belly fat quickly

No one loves fat, right? Keep reading because his article is about How to Lose Belly Fat. No one wants to just gain an extra pound of something that is very hard to get rid of. And especially in the summer season, where you have to wear half sleeved shirts and sometimes visit the beach, it can get quite arduous and gruesome when you get those weird stares.

There are tons of benefits to losing belly fat too, but most of us are only concerned with looking better. This is why we have listed some exercises that will help you lose belly fat quickly. Some of these exercises require no equipment and you can try at home too!


Without further ado, let us begin some exercises that teach you how to lose belly fat:

Brisk Walking

Okay, millennials, hear me out. Your parents were right, after all. Walking is one of the best exercises to reduce overall body fat, yep. Brisk walking is a type of walking where you alternate between walking slowly and walking fast in a single 10 minute walk.

Just wear your favorite joggers, and head out. Start walking slowly for about 30-40 seconds to warm your body up. Afterward, start walking faster: take longer steps, and breathe faster. Walk fast for around 30 seconds and then slow down again.

Repeat this for 10 minutes, and then slowly sit down and let your body catch some air. Do this early in the morning for the best physical and psychological effects.


There are many variations of the crunches, and they are one of the most popular exercises on the entire planet. Crunches are basically aimed at your lower and upper abs, and that’s where all your belly fat is stored.

Since crunches are very efficient and because they do not require any piece of equipment, except a mat, to do, they have become popular worldwide.

Before doing any kind of crunch, lie straight down on your mat, and slowly bend your knees until you make an isosceles triangle between your knees and the ground. Hold the back of your head with a firm grip, but not too strong or you might end up hurting your neck. Gently lift your leg up, and you are now good to go. This is position ‘A’.


Now, in order to do a normal crunch, try to lift your head up without disrupting your legs, and curl your head towards your knees. Your aim is to try to reach your head to your knees without moving the knees themselves. When you feel a tightening on your stomach portion of the body, relax and go back to the ‘A’ position. Repeat this twice or thrice for 10 to 12 repetitions for maximum efficiency.

If you want to do a bicycle crunch, get into the original ‘A’ position, but keep your head lifted off the ground all the time using your hands. Push your right leg down and extend it as straight as you can. While doing so, curl your left leg as up as you can, and twist it a little so you can try to hit your elbow with your left knee. When you feel a flex or tightening on your stomach, relax and go back into the original position. This time, do the same but with the other leg.  Repeat this twice or thrice for 10 to 12 repetitions and you will be good to go.

The final crunch type that we recommend is the twist crunch, which is an excellent fat killer. It is far easier to do than a normal bicycle crunch, but can become quite difficult if you forget to exhale and inhale on each stretch. To do the twist crunch, simply get into the ‘A’ position again and this time instead of touching your left elbow with your left knee, go with left elbow touching the right knee. Repeat again for the right elbow: right elbow touching the left knee. Repeat this twice or thrice for 10 to 12 repetitions.

If you do these three crunches, you won’t need any other exercise in this “How to lose belly fat” list. At least not for a beginner.


Burpee is one of the favorite exercises for any hard-core gym rat. This all-in-one exercise hits all muscles in your body all at once. Not only will you be losing extra tummy fat, you will also be able to gain a nice amount of muscle in the areas where you need muscle.

A Burpee is simply a combination of a push-up and a jump. This exercise can be done with a dumb-bell too, if you feel that doing it normally just isn’t enough.
To do a burpee, get into a push-up position, but instead of a doing a push-up, make your legs bounce make towards you until you feel like it’s comfortable to do a jump. You’re basically shifting from a push-up to a jump position. Once you feel like you’re okay with doing a jump, do a straight jump without extending your arms. When you fall back to the ground, get into the push-up position again.

Do this exercise for 10-15 repetitions at a time, and you will feel so sore that you’ll love it.


The plank is the most popular exercise on this lift, after brisk walking. If you have ever wanted to know how to lose belly fat, this exercise must have been mentioned by everyone. You basically get into a position where you look like you’re a plank, and hold that position for 60-70 seconds at a time. Though this exercise may look very simple at first sight, it is a very tough exercise to do.
In order to do a plank, lie with your face towards the ground. Try to lift your upper body up using your forearms, and extend them all the way until your biceps are making a 90° angle with the ground. Lift your stomach as high as you can. In other words, try to lift your butt up. You will slowly start feeling a stretch on your tummy. Keep this position for 60-70 seconds. Try not to move your body. The body will start feeling the stretch after the 10 to 20 seconds timer.

Repeat this exercise twice for maximum belly fat loss.



Whether it be something as simple as walking, or something as complex as doing a twisted crunch, no exercise will help you lose belly fat if you don’t control the food you eat too. Decrease the number of carbs you eat, and focus on eating healthy. Stay away from fast food like burgers and pizza, and focus on green vegetables. You will live longer too.

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