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Dr Nowzaradan Diet and How It Works

by Sam Rose
Dr Nowzaradan Diet

What Is Dr Nowzaradan Diet and How It Works. Dr Nowzaradan diet is enriched with effective, easy tricks of losing huge bulks of weights in the least time possible.  It is so famous among the dietary specialists and suggested to those. Who find a hard time in controlling their calories intake. It helps them to cut down their sugar and fats intake so that they can cut their LBs faster. Basically, Dr Nowzaradan diet is all about cutting down your calories intake from 2000 to 1200 per day. During this, Dr. Nowzaradan suggests to eat everything you want such as from all food groups without a worry. So, as in Dr Nowzaradan diet, you will be eating whatever you want so following it will be easier.

“Dr Nowzaradan diet is dedicated for bulky peeps with no big motivation to lose weight”


Dr Nowzaradan routine

Before starting with Dr Nowzaradan diet, let me tell you who the person behind this diet routine is. As the name denotes, Dr Nowzaradan diet is offered by Dr Nowzaradan.

  • Full name: Dr. Younan Nowzaradan
  • Occupation: Vascular Surgeon
  • Country and origin: Texas
  • Specialty: weight loss surgeries
  • Reason of fame: TLC Show named as “My 600 LB Life”
  • Qualification: MBBS
  • Studied from: University of Tehran

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan that’s also known as Dr. Nowzaradan is a Persian Doctor, graduated from University of Tehran in 1970 with a degree in medical. He started practicing in Texas and become renown surgeon. After successful gastric bypass surgeries, gastric sleeve surgeries, lab band system and revision surgeries etc.

Later, he offered his Dr Nowzaradan Diet in a TLC Show that was named as “My 600 LB Life”. It was a reality show in which obese participants participated. The show highlighted their journey of weight loss and told about health improvements that attained on the way. After this, Dr. Nowzaradan Diet plan became famous in all over the world.

Dr Nowzaradan Diet:

Usually, a normal human being requires 2000 calories a day. However, as the people with enough weight needs to cut down their calories intake. Hence, Dr Nowzaradan Diet suggests to take only 1200 calories and day by eating whatever they want to eat. By doing so, a short period of time enables a person to loss huge LBs of weight. However, he asks to consume healthy stuff to fulfill daily calories intake. In order to remain fullest on energy while eating less. A balanced diet is necessary to maintain Dr Nowzaradan Diet.

He suggests various options to get calories form common items. Which are rich in vitamins, proteins, and all other nutrients. That are necessary for human health and helps to perform their daily life tasks. He says that calories intake doesn’t relates to be low on energy. Rather than a person has to be on enough energy along with keeping a check over their calories intake.

Benefits attached to Dr Nowzaradan Diet:

The diet by Dr Nowzaradan in his plans comes with so many benefits. Specially for people with obesity as well as for those looking for a healthier solution. It helps to keep a check over their diet. It offers all advantages to people. But obese can take more benefit from it. Because it helps in losing big bulks of weight in order to get fit and slim.


Here are some benefits attached to this plan you would love to know:

  1. It is design in the simplest way. Plan offers easy ways to lose weight by cutting down calories without making you low on energy.
  2. Diet plan is for people that have tons of weight. And are on serious and threatening levels of life that losing weight is the only thing that keep them alive.
  3. It can be used by people having small issues of weight and want to maintain a good physique.
  4. Offers you to take balanced diet without asking you to cut everything and eat nothing. Therefore, you will not just find salads and greens. But tasty fry food too in order to complete your daily calories intake.
  5. A person needs 2000 calories a day to maintain a fit and healthier life. But this plan asks you to take only 1200 calories. The best part is, you don’t need to cut on sugar or spices to follow this plan.
  6. It helps in burning the stubborn fat of your body. Because you only take 1200 calories and rest of them are consume by the weight stored in the body. This is the reason, it bring fastest results.
  7. It is extremely easy to follow.
  8. You can eat whatever you want.
  9. It helps you in losing weight without losing in energy.
  10. It doesn’t take ages to see results because it brings fastest results.

Food List of Dr Nowzaradan Diet:

Main goal of your plan is to take a balanced diet yet keeping a good control over your calories intake and controlling its quantity to only 1200 calories a day. Being a dietary expert and as he has so much experience of this field, Dr Nowzaradan never lets you alone in a fix while deciding for what to eat and what no to. He has given clear details about the items you need to take while remaining high on energy and low on calories. The best part of the Dr Nowzaradan Diet is, it allows you to eat everything like from salads to juices and from sodas to French fries. The taste of your tongue will never be vanished.

Here is how Dr Nowzaradan Diet food items are selected:

  1. He has focused on the food that are rich in proteins, fibers, and all necessary nutrients to keep your energy levels high without putting on weight.
  2. You need to cut crabs however not completely. It is better take those crab foods that have no sugar in them.
  3. You will take 6 to 8 and 4 to 6 ounces of proteins a day in Dr Nowzaradan Diet as a male and female respectively. For protein intake you can rely on number of seafood items as well as those items made with low fats.

To fulfill this criterion, here is the list of foods you will use during following you Dr Nowzaradan Diet:

1.   Greens and Herbs:

In greens and herbs, you can take fruits and vegetables. It is the first and most necessary item to add in the food you will take daily because they are big source to obtain necessary vitamins, minerals, fibers, and all other nutrients.

·       How to take?

Men and women both can take fruits in total 5 to 9 servings. During this, if they select small fruits, half smaller cup is enough while one large fruit is enough for one serving. Fruits such as apples, peaches, oranges, and bananas are suggested in this regard. On the other hand for vegetables, broccoli, potatoes, leafy greens, and other low starch vegetables are suggested.

·       Things to remember:

Make sure to add all those fruits in your Dr Nowzaradan Diet that are low on sugar. Hence watermelons and other fruits of this kind are not good. Same is the case for vegetables hence you should take only those that are low in calories and sugar.

2.   Whole Grains and Crabs:

Whole grains and crabs are both proven to be biggest source of obtaining fiber and as it is one of the necessary thing of Dr Nowzaradan Diet hence you should add them in the list of balanced diet too. You can use all those items enriched in crabs and grains.

·       How to Take?

For males, a total of 6 to 7 ounces of crabs in one serving while quantity for women is 5 to 6 ounces. Remember, you should take only one serving of crabs on one day and that also on an on-and-off basis. Food items suggested in this regard are richer, bread slices, quinoa, amaranth, and pasta etc.

·       Things to remember:

You need to be a little careful while choosing crabs because they are mostly high in calories. So you should add them in your diet on an on-and-off basis. Therefore, do not take more of it but also not less.


3.   Dairy:

Dairy is one of the most necessary thing you need to add in your Dr Nowzaradan Diet because they are source of calcium that’s necessary for the bone structure of your body and other energies. All the things you need here are enrich in calcium.

·       How to Take?

Calcium intake is equally necessary for men and women. Therefore, when it comes to taking dairy products, the one day intake is 3 cups a day. You can should take them simultaneously like one cup in the morning, one during lunch, and one in night while taking dinner. Here you can take low-fat milk, low fat yogurt, sour creams, obtained from cow, goat, and sheep milk.

·       Things to remember:

Make sure that you select only those dairy products which have no fat because your main concern is to cut calories and that will not be possible if you would tale high fat enriched calcium. It can disturb your overall Dr Nowzaradan Diet. However, if it is not possible, take low fat calcium.

4.   Good Fats from Oils:

Fats and oils are also necessary part of your Dr Nowzaradan Diet hence make sure to add in your balanced diet plan as well. You can use these fats and oils while cooking your food for Dr Nowzaradan plan of diet instead of taking it raw. Try to take stuff that has good fat and no cholesterol.

·       How to Take?

The intake of oils and fats is different for men and women and it is always measure in teaspoons. As a male you will take 9 teaspoons of oils and fat in one day and as women the quantity will limit to only 7 teaspoons. It is a necessary intake on daily basis and must not avoid. Olive, sunflower, and peanut oils are best in this regard.

·       Things to Remember:

There are two types of fats obtained from food items and food stuff, one is healthy one and other is bad for your health. Therefore, you should obtain oils and fat only form the healthy products such as fish, light meat, and aforementioned dairy products etc.

5.   Salt:

Salt is one of the important ingredient of your Dr Nowzaradan Diet. It is not necessary just health wise and to consume necessary nutrients for body, but it also adds taste to your food. You may have seen that no salad or diet is without salt.

·       How to Take?

Men and women, both require up to 2300 milligrams of salt one day however it is better that the amount remains less than that. To take, measure the quantity for day and put it in a container. Then sprinkle it on the items you eat to complete your daily intake.

Dr Nowzaradan Diet

·  Things to Remember:

The amount of sodium requires your attention and as one dash of salt has total of 155 milligrams of sodium, make sure to keep an eye over it. Don’t exceed the limit as it can result in blood pressure issues and problems.

These are five most necessary items that you should must add in your daily Dr Nowzaradan Diet. All with this you should avoid sugar, sweets, French fries, saturated fats, tin pack foods, nuts rich in calories, processed juices, soda drinks, and cereals etc.

Bottom Line:

This is all about Dr Nowzaradan Diet plan that can help you to lose weight. In the end I would like to say that continuity is the key to success so you need to be steady and continuous in your plans and in following Dr Nowzaradan Diet. At start, it would seem hard to do so and keep up with the diet, however with the passage of time the level of energy and positive energy in your body will make you loving this plan and you would find easier sticking to it. Be stick to Dr Nowzaradan Diet and lose LBs now.

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