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How Does Omni Diet Helps Reduce Weight?

by Sam Rose
Omni Diet

How does omni diet helps reduce weight? Everyone is looking to get healthier. There are many benefits to getting healthier, both mental and physical. Besides having a better lifespan, you will also look better if you have a healthy body. Moreover, your quality of life will improve drastically as well.

There are a lot of ways to lose weight that have been heavily researched and practiced over the past few many years. Some of these methods are more extreme than the others.


One of the relatively safer ways to reduce weight and become healthier is the omni diet. Here is everything you need to know about omni diet:

What is omni diet

Omni diet is one of the safest diets that can be practiced by anyone. One of the reasons why it has become so popular is because it is a relatively new diet plan. Omni diet is an amalgam of many other different diet plans that have proven to be very effective.

Omni diet was developed by Tana Amen, a highly qualified nurse, after years of struggling with nutrition and health.

As mentioned earlier, omni diet is a mixture of many other diets, and has taken inspiration from most of them. For example, omni diet focuses on eating plants, and lean protein.Both of these are essential in building a much more efficient and attractive body.

There are many different ways to practice the omni diet: some say that a 2-week plan is good enough for an effective omni diet. But many argue that the entire diet plan should be 6 weeks long. The author also recommends that a person that is practicing omni diet should follow a 6-week full plan.

Here is exactly how omni diet works:

How does omni diet work?

The omni diet follows a high plant-based foods and proteins diet, with room for nothing else. You will be eating only carbs from green plants, and lean protein so that your body can not product fat. Hypothetically, this method seems to be very effective, and should help the body reduce weight.

In order to understand properly what omni diet is, let us construct a virtual omni diet.

Let us consider that we are going to follow an omni diet for 6 weeks. This 6-week plan will be focused on helping you lose weight as much as possible, while also ensuring that all body functions work properly.

Without further ado, let’s start:

Before beginning

The diet will be focused on 70% plant-based foods, and 30% lean protein. You can find most of the stuff in this diet in your everyday usage. We are trying to check if everyone can follow this diet plan, or if you have to go out of your way for this diet plan.

What to eat?

Here is everything that you are allowed to eat, but up to only an extent:

Fresh green vegetables – Everything grown on mother Earth, except taters prove to be effective for a person that wants to lose weight. It should be hard to eat vegetables for the first few weeks, but after that, you will begin to love them.

Berries – Berries are nature’s candies. Everyone likes to eat berries, even animals. To ensure that you do not run out of sugar, eat berries. The natural sugar in berries helps improve the body’s functions, while also giving a healthy dose of energy.

Eggs – Eating eggs without the yolk are recommended in most diets. This is because eggs contain a very healthy amount of protein, and are very easy to cook. They are accessible anywhere there is livestock like ostriches or chicken.

Lean meat– The best way to get lean protein is through lean cut meat. Meat is also very tasty, and can be cooked in a variety of ways to ensure that you do not get bored. Eat meat in limited quantity if you want to lose weight the fastest.


Coconut and misc. oil–There are many uses of oil, and many people in the East even use oil on their head to cure themselves of the various head-related issues. Oil like almond, coconut, and olive prove to be effective. They have been in countless diet plans for ages.

Herbs– Herbs are used in many Chinese diets, and prove to have very effective healing effects. Some herbs help increase metabolism and breaking down of fat in the body.

Beans – Beans are a cheap way to get a lot of lean protein. Plus, you can grind beans up and mix them with water and some additives to make a fun shake.

What to strictly stay away from?

There are certain things that the Omni diet strictly says to stay away from. These things include:

Sugar– Sugar is every diet’s nemesis. Not only is it addictive, but it can cause the body to lose energy, gain fat, and can cause different types of issues in the body like diabetes.

Dairy– Dairy products, like milk, are a great way to gain protein, but also a great way to gain unnecessary fat.

Corn– Corn is high in carbs and fiber, but low in protein. The only reason not to eat corn is because corn can increase the blood sugar level by a lot.

Alcohol – Alcohol should definitely be avoided while dieting. This is because alcohol contains a lot of sugar and can reduce your will to keep the dietary plan.

What to do during the diet

Follow the Omni diet plan for six-weeks. Eat only things that have been instructed beforehand. The first two weeks of the Omni diet will be very aggressive. You will have to refrain from eating grain during the first week, and the second week. Afterwards, you can slowly add grains to your diet.

During the whole diet, you are to refrain from eating anything that isn’t in the diet plan, especially foods that have gluten. No matter what you do, be sure to not eat sugar too. Sugar is not only addictive, but has severe side-effects as a whole. You should also skip alcohol and any brewery for at least the first two weeks of the diet.

There is no fixed timing for following the Omni diet. You can resume your normal routine, but just focus on eating what is recommended.

Omni diet is very strict about its diet plan. If you want to follow this diet plan, you have to be restrictive about what foods you are going to eat, and what you are going to refrain from.

Benefits of using Omni diet

There are many benefits of following the omni diet, as portrayed by the author and several people who have tested this diet:

Great emphasis on going green

Many diets focus on eating pills, and different types of processed foods, which are neither healthy, nor very effective at losing weight. In fact, the body takes a lot of time to metabolize food that is process. The Omni diet focuses on going green, and eating both fruits and vegetables. Both fruits and vegetables are healthy for your body, skin, and psyche.

Plus, you will be helping play your part in increasing the demand for green food, and helping the farmers who harvest healthy food.

Simple yet effective

Even though the diet is restrictive, the Omni diet is very simple to follow. Just eat whatever is mention in the list above, whenever you want and you are good to go. Don’t eat too much or you will gain weight. This is it. There is no special time plan, or secret technique involved.

Because it is so simple, and everyone can follow it, staying on track is easier than ever. The Omni diet is very effective and you will start seeing effects in less than 2 weeks.


Most diets are so extreme that exercising becomes very difficult. This is not the case with the Omni diet. Not only is the diet exercise-friendly, it encourages exercising. Exercising is one of the most effective ways of cutting fat in the body, and making it more beautiful. Additionally, exercising improves mood, and increases energy produced by the body.

The Omni diet has a complete exercise plan built into the guidelines. There are even full-body workouts in the guidelines.

Fast visible improvement

The omni diet is able to help show visible effects in less than a few weeks. One of the reasons why people are unable to diet is because they don’t see immediate effects when they start dieting. The Omni diet is useful for such kind of people.

Not only is there immediate improvement, the diet also has a good growth curve.

Can be modified

Some diets are too extreme for some people to follow. The Omni diet gives you the option to cut back food, one food at a time, so that you can easily change your mindset, and have your body adapt to the diet plan.

Can be followed by a wide variety of people

The Omni diet forces you to cut back on sugar, but still allows natural sugar in the body. This diet is compatible with people who are suffering from certain medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and diseases related to the heart.

Even people who are suffering from issues related to cholesterol will find it effective to follow this diet. However, such people should refrain from intaking oils.

Good for lactose intolerant people

The diet has a strict no-dairy policy, which means that people who are lactose intolerant will find this diet to be especially useful. This is not the case with most other diets that are available.

Do note that if you are lactose intolerant and still want to exercise while following this exercise. Be sure to ask your gym trainer if you can follow this diet plan.

Can Omni diet really help you lose weight?

All these effects only raise one question: is Omni diet a hoax? Does it even let you lose weight?
Judging from what we know about this diet, and several people who have tried this diet, we can safely make an assumption that this diet actually does work.

We all know for a fact that exercise does help lose weight. This diet has dedicated guidelines for the full-body workouts that you can do to help reduce weight. This proves that at least some part of the diet is effective.

All of the ingredients that make this diet up – the green vegetables and lean protein – do contribute to a much leaner body, and help make the body less lazy. We can safely assume that the diet is somehow effective.

As for the people who say that they lost more than 10 pounds in two weeks while following this guide: this is probably a hoax, and should not be given attention. Hypothetically, it does seem possible to lose an effective amount of weight following this diet plan. However, judging from the amount of effort, and level of perfection that will be needed for this weight loss. It should be effectively impossible to do so, on this level.

Start with omni diet

If you are going to start doing the Omni diet, only do so with average expectations. This is so you don’t get disappoint and effectively cancel out your diet efforts.

As for an accurate reply to whether the Omni diet can help you lose weight or not, yes it can. It will help you lose weight, but the extent of how much weight you can lose depends on your prowess. If you have the will to be extreme, the Omni diet will help you lose a lot of weight. But if you want to start easy, the Omni diet will help you lose weight that way too.


Omni diet is one of the most effective diet plans that have come in the recent years. All of the foods that are in this diet are easily available in every household. This makes the Omni diet effective and reachable for a lot of people. The Omni diet is not dangerous in any way, and you should definitely give it a try. You have nothing to lose, except weight after all!

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