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A Complete Guide On How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips

by Sam Rose
How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips

A complete guide on how to get rid of hip dips. Our body is one of the most important things which we have in our lives. Therefore, it is always essential to keep it fit and healthy for a longer period of time. Everyone is longing to get a better physique to look more attractive in the best possible way. To get a better physique most of the people work harder at gyms. However, there are plenty of people who don’t know what can make them look better and healthier in the long run. However, whenever it comes to the attractive physique then the most important thing which you must consider is hip dips.

Well, hip dips are the important body fad that has a storm on the internet at the present time. But this is actually something which we have seen before as thigh gaps craze too. Still, most of the people out there are unaware of what hip dips are and things that are causing it. Do you want to know what a hip dip exactly is and how to get rid of hip dips? For this, you must have a look at the following information. We have brought all of the essential information regarding hip dips. From a knowledge bomb to the best actionable exercises, you can find it all here with ease.


So, without any further delay, let’s start from the basics of hip dips:

What actually hip dips are?

These are actually a body feature. You can see Hip dips in the people who stand on the way of achieving the hourglass figure. However, Inward depression along your body side below the hip bone is known as hip dips. Hip dips are also called violin hips. In simple words, hips dips are slide curves in inward direction between the thigh and hip bone. Unlike hip’s outer edges following the curves which look like these are drawn by a protector, hip dips have indentations. In some cases, these indentations can be slight and quite barely noticeable. However, in some cases, these can be prominent too. Although these are normal body features but still these indentations which can be a cause of frustration. Especially for the females who always want to have round buttocks.

Some people may look at it as a deformity but actually, it is not. It is because millions of people are having hip dips. A lot of people want to know how to get rid of hip dips. Well, it is quite fine to know how to get rid of hip dips if you don’t want them. But keep in mind a fact that having hip dips never mean that you are fat, deformed or ugly. It is because this is all about the structure of our bones. Each of us is born with a femur bone and a hip bone. And the distance between both of these actually decides the shape and size of our hip dips. This is the reason why not every one of us is having different sizes of hip dips.

What are the factors which are causing hip dips?

Our body is a perfect masterpiece of fine roundness and proper curves. It clearly means that everything about our bodies is extraordinary. However, there are certain things in our bodies that may depend on our diet and muscle growth. When it comes to the causes of hip dips then most of the people are not clear ideas about it. If you want to get rid of your hip dips then it is important to know about their cause first.

The most important cause behind the appearance of hip dips is our own bone structure. The structure in which the pelvis normally sits wide and high. It is because this will cause a wider depression under the pelvis’ widest points. However, as our bone structure is mainly determined by our genetic, therefore, hip dips also.

However, hip dips can also appear when more skin will be attached to the deeper thigh bone part of you. This part is also known as trochanter. This depression can be easy to notice in some people. It is only because of the fat distribution and amount of muscle and fat in your body structure. However, when it’s about the structure of hip dips then you must know that these can be less or more prominent. This is mainly because of your pelvis shape, your hips’ width and also for your body’s fat distribution.

Does everyone has hip dips?

Although millions of people are having hip dips around the world but still, we can’t say that everyone has. It is because not every person has hip dips. Rather these are more noticeable in some people. While for only a few people these are less prominent. Even there are tons of people who do not even have hip dents. But still, you need to understand the fact that it is completely natural to have such type of hips. Moreover, these are not even a sign of being unhealthy or healthy. At the same time, these are not to show how much underweight or overweight you are.

It is also important to know that these are not only females who have hip dips. It is because, although females are a big target of such conditions but males also have hip dips. Hip dips are more common in ladies because their hips are wider comparatively. Hence, hip dips are just a natural part of your bone structures. You can easily get rid of these by changing a bit of your lifestyle or by practicing exercises. Both of these are certainly going to help you to achieve your goal. Undoubtedly, you will look amazing.

How to get rid of hip dips?

If you have hip dips or we can say hip dimples then there is no need to be worried about it. It is because there is a wide range of exercises that you can practice to get rid of hip dips. You must know the fact that reducing fat or muscle mass building exercises can help you to reduce hip dips’ appearance. Not only exercises a few tips on lifestyle changes can also help you to get rid of hip dips easily. Depending on what is causing your hip dips, whether fat distribution or your bone structure, you can choose your way to reduce hip dips. If you are noticing that you have more fat around the areas of your love handle. Then you can make changes in your appearance by practicing exercises or focusing on your diet with ease.

Exercises you can consider for how to get rid of hip dips

So, if you are a determined person who has decided to do whatever can help you to get a dip-free buttock. Then, there are a lot of things which you can do. Well, we have brought certain exercises for you which will work on your hip dip area specifically. Ultimately, you will be able to minimize the concavity of hip dips. It is because these exercises will build muscle with time and round off the dips considerably. Spend at least 20 minutes while doing these hip dip exercises and enjoy their benefits.

Fire Hydrants

These exercise movements will mainly target hips, side buttocks, and thighs. This can be an amazing solution for how to get rid of hip dips. However, while performing this exercise make sure to balance your weight on your knees and hands.

Come on a cat-cow pose by being on your all four. It is necessary to keep your hands underneath your shoulders while your knees under hips directly. Lift one of your legs up while inhaling. It must make a 90-degree angle from the other leg. Keep the knee bent. Lower your leg slowly and keep the knee from touching the ground while lifting it up again. Do this movement at least 15 times. Repeat the same steps for your second leg.

Side lunges

If you want to know how to get rid of hip dips then this can also work effectively for you. It is because this pose will work for the sides of your buttocks and thighs. For this, you have to stand with your feet together. Lift your left leg and bring that behind the right one. Drop the left leg’s knee down in the form of a curtsy lunge. While bringing the other foot in front of your right foot. Repeat these lunges 15 times. Do the same for your right leg too.


It’s an amazing exercise to consider for the ones who want to know how to get rid of hip dips. It is because this is great to tone up your thighs perfectly. However, to perform squats you must stand with the feet wider than your hips. Slowly lower down your body while exhaling. It must be like you are sitting on a chair. Start standing up back while inhaling. Repeat these steps 10 to 12 times. However, on the last pose, hold your pose and pulse down and up multiple times.

Side leg lifts

Standing side lifts is also another amazing exercise for you if you want to get the solution for how to get rid of hip dips. It is because this exercise will help you to build-up muscles along but and hip sides. However, it is necessary to ensure that the movement is controlled and steady.

For this exercise, you must stand near a chair, wall or table. However, stand with your left side facing forward. Use your left hand for support and balance and root into the left foot. Lift the right foot off the floor slightly. Lift your right leg slowly to the side and inhale. Now lower your leg slowly on exhaling and cross the left leg. Repeat 12 leg lift for both sides.


Side to side squats

These squats are highly effective to work for the sides of your hips, buttocks, and thighs. However, make sure to keep your buttocks lower during this exercise. However, take a start by standing with closed feet. Come down into the position of the squat. Move your left foot to the right. Now bring your right one to meet the left foot. After that, you have to extend your right foot to the right side. And then bring your left foot over to meet with the right one. Perform 10 of these movements for every side.

These are some of the best exercises which are certainly the best solutions for how to get rid of hip dips effectively.

Lifestyles changes guideline for how to get rid of hip dips

Here are some of the most essential instructions you can consider to lower the appearance of hip dips.

Healthy diet

Most of the people think that eating more fat may help them to get rid of hip dips. But you must know the fact that this can complicate the situation more. It is because hip dents are clearly indicating that your body is not storing fat over that area. Therefore, consuming more fat will do nothing for this instead you will gain more fat in other body areas. So, it is always important for you to have a healthy diet.

Try more to include protein-based food into your diet along with practicing certain exercises for hip dips. It is because, over time, you will be able to build bulk over the areas. Ultimately, hip dips’ appearance will be reduced. Even more, you must increase your water consumption and make sure to intake enough calories. Avoid junk foods instead of consuming vitamins, healthy fats, and calcium will definitely work great for you.


In this guide, we have brought some important information regarding hip dips along with the best ways to know for how to get rid of hip dips. However, still, it is important for you to understand that the results will be gradual. It may take weeks or even months in some cases to notice the results. Therefore, it is always important for you to be positive for your body as much as possible. Stick to a proper wellness plan because this will surely make you feel good. For longer benefits, prefer to set some goals for yourself. Start your first step now.

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