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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss | Everything You Need to Know About

by Sam Rose
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Everything you need to know about Rebel Wilson weight loss. Everyone is looking for ways to lose weight. No matter what kind of background you are from, everyone can lose weight, so long as they will it. Weight loss is not about looks anymore. There are a number of medical miracles that just simple weight loss can show. A person named Rebel Wilson wanted to try losing weight. This guide is all about Rebel Wilson weight loss journey.
Here is everything that you need to know about Rebel Wilson and his journey to weight loss:

Who is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson, full name Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is an Australian actress. She has spent a great deal of her career acting, and even directing movies. Some of her most famous roles include Toula in The Wedge.
She won the title of “best actress” in Tropfest for her role in Bargain. One of her recent popular roles was in Bridesmaids, as Brynn. Rebel Wilson has often appeared in comedy movies. She oftentimes makes fun of her weight.


Start of 2020, Aussie star Rebel Wilson tweeted that this year is going to be “the year of health”. She has been following a tough routine with her trainer. Her recent pics on Instagram does show that Rebel Wilson has lost a tremendous amount of weight.
Good for us, she has revealed her diet plan, and it looks simply plain. If you are interested in this diet plan, here is everything you need to know:

Exercises for Rebel Wilson weight loss

Rebel Wilson started training under Jono Castano Acero, a personal trainer. Jono has a complete exercise and diet plan for Rebel that she follows 6 days of the week.  Lucky for us, he has shared that with us. The workout is basically a modified version of the HIIT circuit. He has dubbed it a personalized version of Acero Training Series program or ATS.
Without further ado, let us start the Rebel Wilson weight loss:

What is a HIIT workout?

A HIIT workout is a complete circuit that includes nine exercises. These exercises are entirely based on compound exercises. This allows for effectively hitting multiple muscle groups at the same time. On paper, HIIT workout seems like a very good way to lose bad fat, and gain good muscle.

Here are some exercises that are involved in a HIIT workout, and used for Rebel Wilson weight loss:


Burpee is an effective exercise that focuses on the entire body. It can be done without the need of any support or dumb-bells. To perform an effective burpee, all you need to know is how to do an average push-up, and jumping. Jump, and when you land, perform a push-up. Repeat it for 8-10 repetitions for one complete set.

Bear crawl

Bear crawl is a very effective exercise to train your core. The core is also responsible for fixing your posture, so be sure to train it. The exercise is exactly like it sounds. All you need to do is crawl like a bear, while keeping your knees close to the floor. For the 30-35 seconds that you are doing this exercise, be sure to not let your back arch. The bear crawl effectively engages your core, and some upper body muscle groups too.

High knees

‘High knees’ is a great exercise for the gluten that also targets the core. It is used by many body-builders to make packs. This exercise is very easy to perform, and can even be done right now. All you need to do is stand still. While you are perfectly still, lift one knee up till it reaches the height of your stomach. Put your hands in a U position to stop your knees from going too high. Put your other knee up when you are done with this one, and repeat for multiple repetitions for a single set. Do this exercise at least 3 times in a single workout.

Star jump

Have you ever wanted to look like a star? Well, this exercise is for you. You literally have to imagine your body as the 5 sides of a star. Jump up, and put your legs and hands in the shape of a star. You can bend your knees to protect them from getting hurt while landing. Repeat this for multiple reps.

TRX squat

Another exercise that you can probably do right now is TRX squat. This exercise is very simple. All you need to do is squat, and put your body’s weight on your thighs while you squat. This exercise targets both your core, and your thighs. Plus, you can modify your exercise a little to target your back too.
TRX squats are a special version of squats that is used in the Rebel Wilson weight loss plan. She says they are an effective way to build strength while improving balance and flexibility.

Bicycle crunch

A normal crunch is very easy to do, and has multiple spin-offs. One of the variants of a crunch is a bicycle crunch. You lie straight down, and support your neck with your hands. As you lift your neck up with your hands, try to imagine you are pedalling, but in a vertical position.
This exercise will focus on mostly the core. Do bicycle crunches for at least half a minute every set.

Dumb-bell overhead press

This exercise is the only one in this list that employs the use of dumb-bells. Pick a dumb-bell set up, one that is not very heavy. Lift them up through your shoulders. This is your resting position. Don’t change the angle of the dumb-bell though. Lift both dumb-bells up at the same time, to the top, and then come back to resting position. Repeat this for 8-12 reps every set, and you will be good to go.
Do not curve your back to do a dumb-bell overhead press, or you will hurt your spine.


We have all tried jump roping as a child, haven’t we? This simple, yet effective exercise is very fun, and targets the entire body. Jump roping is also a safe way of shredding your body. All you need is a rope that you can jump of, and you are good to go. Start by going slow and then pacing yourself. Do this exercise for at least one minute for the best effects.


Dips is a rather difficult exercise even for most body-builders. This exercise targets the core, and the shoulders or triceps depending on your style. Find any support where you can hang yourself from, and lift yourself up through either your shoulders or your triceps. You will be using your core to balance yourself so you don’t move around while doing a dip.


One of the easiest and most hard-core exercise on this list is the sprint. You can do an intensive sprint anywhere as long as you are able to keep your stamina. Sprint for at least a minute every day for the best workout.

Foraplan similar to Rebel Wilson weight loss plan, we would recommend both jogging and sprint.

Regime for Rebel Wilson weight loss

Acero recommends that the regime should be followed 6 days a week. For Rebel Wilson, the regime was:


Day 1:

HIIT exercises and exercises for mobility, like sprinting.

Day 2:

Exercises with weights and resistance bands, like the dumb-bell overhead press.

Day 3:

HIIT exercises

Day 4:

HIIT exercises

Day 5:

HIIT exercises and exercises with weights.

Day 6:


Day 7:

HIIT exercises

Of course, the regime may not be suitable for the general public. Do note caution while following this extreme Rebel Wilson weight loss plan.

Rebel herself suggests that one should keep their bodies moving for at least 45 minutes every day. A little tip that Acero recommends is walking 10,000 steps every day.

Diet for Rebel Wilson weight loss

Rebel Wilson doesn’t only focus on her exercise, but she is also following a very strict diet plan. Her diet plan essentially consists of fibre, and almost nothing more. Here is a complete guide of what to eat if you want to follow her weight loss plan:

Organic food

Her diet dates back from 2016, where she would start trying to lose weight. By following an organic diet that focused only on vegetarian food, she lost 8 pounds. All of this weight was lost in just 4 days, with proper exercise and massage.

High fibre diet

Adding fibre into her diet has allowed Rebel Wilson to control her urgings to eat high sugar foods. It is no secret that complex carbs allow the body to have stabilized blood sugar. This also allows prevention of cravings, and keeps you feeling like you are full.
Eating simple carbs may not be a very good idea, as simple carbs can spike sugar levels. Some of the best high fibre diets include beans, peas and vegetables.

The main component of the Rebel Wilson weight lossplan is high fibre diet.

High protein

No matter what kind of a body you are yearning for, protein is always a good idea. Protein is necessary for the body to reconstruct muscle. Muscle is broken down during exercise, and gets stronger with every breakdown. You may have heard of body-builders drinking protein shakes. This is exactly why these body-builders do that. Rebel follows a high protein diet with eggs, nuts, and seeds. However, she is keeping a vegetarian diet. Protein also helps keep the blood sugar in check.

All protein that should be taken for your diet should be lean protein. This is because other protein may prove to be counter-effective. You may gain weight instead of losing some.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables like cabbage & broccoli are great at making you lose weight. They may not be the best tasting foods in the market, but they have a lot of advantages. Like what your parents would say, the more bitter the medicine, the more effective it is.

There are many other vegetables in the market too, and you can mix all of these up for a tasty diet.

Rebel herself eats a lot of celery and carrots.

Kick out sugar

Sugar is one of the worst criminals in any diet. Not only is it addicting, but adds up fat like it is a joke. Kicking out artificial sugar from your diet may be very difficult, but you can ease it up. By eating complex carbs, and protein, you can control your sugar urges. Another great alternative to artificial sugar is natural sugar. This is present in fruits like avocado. Fruits are healthy, if eaten in proper quantity. Skip out on candies and cookies for the time being.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids come from healthy fat sources. Some of these sources include salmon, eggs, and beef. But if you are going on a complete vegetarian diet, it may be difficult to find such foods. Of course, you can always take supplements instead. Be sure to ask your healthcare before turning to supplements though.


Rebel Wilson reveals that she eats almonds and brazil nuts on a regular basis for her diet. These nuts are also a good alternative to snacks. Nuts are tasty, and anyone who is not allergic to them should try them. Though nuts may be expensive in your region, they are a good investment.

Eating raw almond butter is also one of Rebel’s habits.


Acero has often explained that diet and exercise is useless without consistency. Rebel follows the entire plan consistently. She has been doing this for quite some time now, and the effects can be shown.

If you want to lose weight, follow Rebel Wilson weight loss plan carefully and consistently.
During her part in Cats, Rebel did say that she lost a few pounds just by sitting in the hot atmosphere. This may be a good sign that hot saunas will help you lose extra pounds.

Our two bits on Rebel Wilson weight loss

By following her diet plan, we are sure that you might be able to lose a few pounds off your body. By exercising properly, you may even be able to gain good muscle. This will help you look more attractive than before.

Of course, you might lose motivation just following the Rebel Wilson weight loss plan. Rebel Wilson has often stated that loving yourself is the first step to improvement. Following this pro-tip might be the key to getting a body that you desire.

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